Guidance On Using WordPress

Welcome to the Adams Factory WordPress guideline reference page.

The Adams Factory builds webpages using WordPress and sets up the look and feel using a range of features, additional components and accumulated tricks to provide you with a great looking website.

Now that you have the website, you need to be able to understand how to update the content and maintain the website.

We are in the process of creating video tutorials that will be tailored to the Adams Factory processes and the components we always use. Until these are finished, we are providing the following reference list of tutorials on the key topics required to keep your website current and up to da

What is WordPress

WordPress is the most common platform used on the planet for creating and maintaining websites. Here is an introduction.

This article is from WordPress and introduces WordPress features and functions:

The following article is a ‘first Steps’ article by WordPress themselves. It covers some great material, yet parts of this can be skipped over if you have a WordPress site built by the Adams Factory as we skipped you right past them by setting things up for you. –

WordPress General Guidance

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the planet. Here are some links to great articles we recommend to those starting out with their own websites and using WordPress.

Getting the Most from your new Website

General tips on Best Practice for Managing your WordPress Site

Divi Theme

At the Adams Factory we want our customers to have great looking websites that are also secure, feature rich, modern and easy to maintain. We have selected the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes as our preferred website theme. The majority of our website builds are based on this Theme.

When we build a website for you, we include this theme with a lifetime of updates as part of our fee.

An introduction to the Divi Theme

Divi Builder by Elegant Themes

Divi Modules

Bloom by Elegant Themes

Bloom is arguably the best Optin plugin for WordPress/ This is included in all our WordPress builds with a lifetime of updates.


Divi Theme

by Elegant Themes

Woocommerce – The Online Store

At the Adams Factory we have created a simple Ecommerce store that can be set-up for you at a bargain price.

Running an online store has a bunch of moving parts and things to do, the following are guides provided for your reference.

Woocommerce Overview

Woo commerce Settings

Woocommerce Products

Woocommerce Shipping

Woocommerce Coupons

Woo commerce – Managing Orders

Woo commerce – Sales Reports

Woo commerce Payment Gateway

WordPress Security

There are not so nice people out there who are always looking to do damage to websites. These people are largely like the people who put graffiti on surfaces around the community, it is indiscriminate. For the most part, easy targets are being searched for all the time. To be less likely to be targeted, you need to have protection in place, and to make sure that all the respective components on your website are configured securely and are kept up to date.

For WordPress installations we recommend having your website hosted on a Hosting service that caters specifically for WordPress. These hosting providers have a range of  protection, monitoring and service tools that eliminate many of the more common nasty surprises  – We recommend Site Ground (Grow Big Plan with SSL) for websites with low to moderate traffic and/or Ecommerce with less than 300 daily sales. For heavy traffic and sales we suggest either the Site Ground Cloud Hosting or BlueHost (Woocommerce Plan), DreamHost (WordPress plan).

The next layer of protection is having a good security plugin preventing nasty people from getting into your website through the logon screen or other methods. WE recommend using a security plugin such as Wordfence or Sucuri. We use both –Wordfence uses a little more resources on your host computer compared with Sucuri, so we use Wordfence  on websites with less traffic and lower features. For websites with lots of features such as a Shop or booking system, we use Sucuri.

The following pages provide you with more information about Security for Wordfence including explanations on why you need to keep your WordPress site up to date and protected.

Common WordPress Problems and How to fix them

There are all sorts of problems that can arise, generally you will find that most have been experienced before you, so t5here will be some guidance on the Internet on how to fix them. The following article provides a great starting point for many of the more heart stopping issues that have happened in the past:

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