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“Get a website”

“Get a Blog”

“Just do it and tell everyone about it”

“Jo and Sandhi have one why don’t you?”

Planning a Website – Common hassles: So you get into it, get bombarded with a whole pile of jargon and requests for money for something you are not sure you really need. You play around with the settings and you words are there, somewhere on the web. Hassle is, it might not look as good as you want, work as smoothly as you want or just plain sucks.

Need some Help?: After seeing that there were a number of people who were willing to make their own pages using fantastic tools like WordPress yet need some advice on how to set it up and make it swanky.

What the Adams Factory can do to help. We can help you plan your site, help identify your audience, help you tailor the look and layout of your site to give your audience the experience you envisage. We offer a range of services, you may just need some high level advice or some serious assistance, we don’t mind helping you get going, or to help yoiu uplift your initial attempts:

  • Website (or Blog) high level plan
  • Website mapping (layout and flow for the optimal user experience)
  • WordPress site configuration (setting up your theme, plug ins and widgets in line with your plan)
  • WordPress site Management establishment (self hosted wordpress requires regular maintenance)
  • Logos
  • Banners
  • Advertising
  • Photography including Portraits, products and locations (as part of Hearthstone Photography)

Feel free to talk to Rob today about your website project.