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Adding Media to WordPress

Here is a pictorial guide on how to add to a Picture, Document Link, audio file or even a video to your WordPress site.

This little tutorial assumes the following before you begin.

  1. You have a WordPress site,
  2. You know the basics of editing a page or a post in WordPress
  3. The document or picture you want to add is available on the same computer as the Browser you are using to edit in WordPress.

The Steps

Adding Media to WordPress
Step 1 – Open the page or Post you are going to edit.
Step 2 – Put your cursor (little vertical bar that flashes) on to the spot where you want to insert the picture.
Step 3 – Click on ‘Add Media’ and a new panel will open. This is the Insert Media panel.
Step 4 – On the Insert Media Panel, select ‘Upload Files’
Step 5.1 – Click on the the ‘Select Files’ button and navigate to your desired file on your computer.
Step 5.2 – Select the file and then click the ‘Choose’ button. The file will proceed to upload, if the file is big, this may take a while.
Step 5.3 – Once the file is loaded, you can see some options on the right side of the panel (not shown in the graphic), here you can add a title, a caption (which will show under a picture) and a description (Important for the Google & Bing Robots to know what is in the file). Update this information as needed
Step 5.4 – Click Insert into post. This item will now show in the spot where you put your cursor in Step 2.
Step 5.5 – complete your editing then click ‘Publish’ or ‘Update’ to save your changes tot he page or post.

There are a few other little secrets for modifying the look and feel associated with these files. Something to be explored in other posts.

The robots that look at all the pages on the Interwebs can easily read text, but it takes a lot more effort for them to look at pictures, documents, audio and videos. To make the job of the robots easier and therefore helping your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) add a description to your uploaded media files.
You are able to add a link to the picture you insert on your page or post. This can be a link to virtually anywhere on the web, for example to a sponsor/advertiser, or to one of your other pages on your site. Before you add the picture to your page or post. Navigate to the actual page you want to link to. Copy the URL (http://….). Now edit you post and add your picture. When you are adding the picture, on the ‘Insert Media’ panel, after you have selected the desired picture, on the right you can see a box for adding a ‘URL’. Paste your URL here. I also recommend that you add a short description to the ‘Alt Text’ box, that way people will know what they are clicking on. Click ‘Insert into Post’ and you are done.

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